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Welcome to Jason Moser's Writing and Publishing Information and Help for Writers page. Here you will find very valuable information regarding various aspects of writing, publishing, and book marketing. This information is designed to help you write or improve your writing, help you publish (or self-publish) your books, and how to properly market them after they are published.

Jason Moser has been writing since 1985 and publishing his own books since 2005. He has learned a lot over the years and wants to share everything he can to make you a better writer.

Before children, Jason was managing several websites with tons of information for writers. Since his boys took all of his time, he didn't have time to maintain his website Write and Publish Fiction. He closed it down and moved on to smaller projects.

Now that he is getting more time in his days, he started writing again and decided to add his writing and publishing content to his author page, that way the helpful information will still be available to all authors who are in need. Whatever you need help with, just click the links below.

Writing Help

The Writing Help area can help you learn how to write or improve your writing.

Publishing Help

The Publishing Help area can help you learn how to self-publish all of your work, whether it is paper back books or eBooks.

Marketing Help

One of the biggest hurdles for writers is marketing and making money with your writing. Learn how to promote your books with Marketing Help.
Writing Products

Jason Moser is an author of books based on various aspects of writing and publishing. Find all of his titles available for purchase right here.